Am not the best at expressing myself,
I prefer using actions instead,
But what I feel for you, my queen, scares me,
So much that confessing my emotions is not such a daunting task anymore,
Don’t mind this jumbled mess of emotional words,
For it is said that a fool in love,
Knows not what to say or how to say it,
But please believe me when I say,
I know what I want, and it’s you,
I want you in all the ways you could possibly imagine,
In body, mind, soul, spirit, everything,
I want more than a fairy tale love story with you,
I want to be your knight in shining armour,
Cliche, I know,
But that’s what falling in love feels like,
Like a dream,
I feel in too deep without realizing,
I was scared, but now I don’t want out anymore,
Am ready to embrace this strange feeling,
The butterflies in my stomach when I see you,
The lump in my throat when you smile,
I want, oh, there’s so much that I want,
I want to sleep next to you,
Holding that little body so close and tight next to me,
Breathing in the fragrance of your hair,
I want your beautiful eyes to be the first thing I see when I wake up,
I want to hear your reassuring voice when am plagued with nightmares,
I want to fight for you when your demons show up unexpectedly,
I want to surprise you with breakfast in bed,
Feed you your favorite fruits as the birds celebrate the start of the day with us,
Comb and braid your hair,
Kiss you till your lips are swollen,
Make love to you slowly till you beg me to stop,
I want to worship every inch of your body,
Love all your scars,
Adore all your imperfections and insecurities,
I want pillow fights and food fights,
I want to go out with you downtown and flex on my boys,
I want to get wine drunk with you and make love by the fireplace,
Sing off-key to blink-182 loudly and annoy the neighbors,
I want cold winter nights cuddling watching your favorite animation,
I want everything with you,
I want to be better for you,
I want to have kids with you.. if you want,
I want to travel the world with you,
Conquer the universe with you by my side,
I love you,
Please allow me to love you,
Allow me to give my heart to you,
And and cherish yours in turn,
Give me a chance,
Let me love you.

Well, all I have to say is that. Allow yourself to love, and more importantly, to be loved. But remember that the price of an open heart and soul is pain.

Published by Wanja Joseph

Writing to me is like breathing. Sometimes it's voluntary and subconscious. Other times it's frantic, like gasping for breath. And sometimes, well, I forget to do it! Not for long though.

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