It’s a see – saw,
back and forth with a shaky balance,
Here there are no laws, everyone is fighting for dominance,
Stop! Let me go,
Go! No wait, you can’t go!
Okay, where do I stay?
Anywhere but near me,
That’s what you always say,
Then why won’t you let me be?
Because you can’t leave,
That’s a lie you weave?!
Lie or not you’re not going anywhere,
Now get out of my sight!
A broken voice cries out into the night,
Why do you have to be so unfair?
Chaining me to the shackles of despair,
Why won’t you let me go away,
Hide my shame from the light of day,
Why won’t you let me go,
When the very sight of me makes you hate me more…?

Part 2.

Do you hate me that much,
That my wounds you willingly patch,
Only and just to rip them apart,
As soon as you’re done soothing the hurt?
What is it that makes you build me up,
For the sick pleasure of bringing me down and my energy sap?
You kick me around like a stray dog,
Yet you won’t let me out into the streets,
You avoid me as if I am a rabid animal,
Yet you won’t allow the vets to put me down,
Am I a puppet, only for you to string me along,
Is it my fault, that I’ll truly never belong,
Reminds me of a song,
Maybe you’ll like this one

You’re fighting me off like a firefighter
So tell me why you still get burned
You say you’re not, but you’re still a liar
‘Cause I’m the one that you run to first
Every time, yeah
Why do you try to deny it
When you show up every night
And tell me that you want me but it’s complicated
So complicated
When it hurts but it hurts so good
Do you take it?
Do you break it off?
When it hurts but it hurts so good
Can you say it?
Can you say it? Astrid S.

This story never ends, This road only ends at death,

Published by Wanja Joseph

Writing to me is like breathing. Sometimes it's voluntary and subconscious. Other times it's frantic, like gasping for breath. And sometimes, well, I forget to do it! Not for long though.

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